FAQ About Distance Reiki:


How does Distance Reiki Work?

Reiki is universal energy that everyone can connect with. Channeling this energy to a specific person allows energy healing to take place with any amount of distance.   

When a Reiki practitioner becomes Reiki II attuned, they are given a symbol to "open up" a certain Reiki energy frequency. This enables energy channeling through time and space.


...Yes even time! Do you have a past trauma that is hard to let go of? or an upcoming exam? Distance Reiki can help!  

How can I Prepare for my Distance Reiki Session?

When preparing for your distance reiki session, it is important to remember to devote this time to you--and your healing. Turn off any distractions (phone/TV).

Most importantly, try to relax. Some like to do a short meditation or warm bath before the session starts.

Next, pick a relaxing spot to lie down (bed, yoga mat, couch) and take a few deep breaths.

It is important to keep in mind an intention for healing.

Some like to incorporate essential oils, crystals, or meditation soundtracks to help stay relaxed throughout the session.

How Do You Send Distance Reiki?

After a Distance Reiki session is complete, expect a call to debrief. Keep in mind any thoughts, memories, or sensations that came up. If you would like to know how the session went for the practitioner, this can also be discussed.

How Often Should I Recieve Reiki Healing?

As much as needed! You will know when you get the "tug" for more reiki.

Depending on your intention, a plan can be discussed. It may be beneficial to have weekly sessions for deep emotional blocks or physical illness.

 Once you are ready for maintenance sessions, it is recommended every 2-4 weeks. 

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What to Expect After a  Distance Reiki Session